Wild camping

Wild camping is the purest form of sleeping in nature:

It allows for unique views, wildlife sightseeing and an overwhelming feeling of tininess in majestic landscapes.

Most of all, it teaches respect for vulnerable environments.


For all our hiking friends that want to explore secluded areas and connect with nature, we developed our wild camping experiences.

These are limited to small groups only.


Leave No Trace

is the first rule we adhere to during these tours: Our aim is to safeguard the locations we rely on for many many years to come.


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Glacial Crossing

Wo: Furka Gebiet, Schweiz

Wann: July 2021

Ever camped in the wild? Yes?

But what about camping on a glacier?

And walking your way through crevasses and ascending two peaks?

If you missed out, you better check this expedition style adventure out!

The pyramid

Wild camping Baptism

If you're an intermediate hiker, and you'd like to connect with nature

by sleeping your first night outdoors under a sky full of stars,

this is the right adventure for you!

If you've passed by canton Uri you must have stood in the shadow of this beautiful mountain. Freestanding and at a height of 3073 m it oversees the whole Uri valley.

Ice Ice baby!

What maybe reminded you of a song from the 90’s actually inspired us to develop this incredible two day hiking and wild camping experience.

 The playground? Exactly, Ice!

Stairway to heaven

As a two-day alpine immersion this adventure includes plenty of hiking,

wild camping in an alpine environment, peak ascensions and a committing Via Ferrata.

Climb the ladder to enjoy heavenly views!