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General terms and conditions


Participation request

The participation request can be made by telephone or electronically. With the request the "General Terms and Conditions", part of the contract between the participant and Exped Tribe Inh. Davide Guzzardi are accepted.

If the participant fulfills the minimum requirements for joining the service, Exped Tribe will send the participant an electronic or written confirmation with the detailed information and the invoice.


Participation requirements

For all tours and courses, good health and equipment that complies with the CE standard is required. The conditional and technical requirements according to the adventure page requirements must be fulfilled. If a participant does not meet these requirements, Exped Tribe or the responsible mountain guide can exclude the participant from the event. In case of exclusion for the reasons mentioned above, no refund will be made. 

The participant agrees to inform the organizer about any health problems. Participation in an activity under the influence of drugs, alcohol, psychotropic drugs or the like is not allowed. In the case of adventure activities, the following health conditions in particular preclude participation: High blood pressure, pregnancy, heart conditions, recent eye surgery, cardiovascular conditions, musculoskeletal damage, epilepsy, neurological conditions, and chronic ear conditions with balance disorders. Rope and climbing activities require the participants to be free from vertigo. It is the client's duty to abide by the conditions of participation and to strictly follow the instructions of the organizer, guides and assistants. If a participant does not comply with these conditions of participation or does not follow the instructions, the organizer reserves the right to exclude him/her from the activity. In case of exclusion before the beginning of the activity, the cancellation regulations apply.

If the exclusion occurs after the start of the activity, the client has no right to any refund.
In case of water activities (canyoning, Deep water solo, canoe, kayak, inflatable canoe tours, raft building, etc.) participants must be able to swim or wear a life jacket.


Accident insurance
The participant is not insured by the organizer. The participant must independently have sufficient health and accident insurance (including sports accidents). Despite competent and safe execution of the activities, accidents cannot be excluded. The organizer cannot assume any liability for this. Participation to all activities is at your own risk. Since some of our activities are classified as high-risk sports, we recommend that you check in advance whether your activity is covered by your insurance. 


Before each activity, participants will be asked to sign a detailed liability waiver. The signature is replaced by a mandatory checkbox when filling out the online participation form. It is not possible to participate in the activities without signing/checking the box and accepting the disclaimer. The organizer is liable within the framework of these general terms and conditions for any deficiency or failure in the performance of the activity that results in a reduction in value compared to the original agreement. In case of failure caused by Exped Tribe, the organizer can provide an equivalent substitute service within a reasonable period of time. In this case, claims for compensation are excluded. The participant is entitled to compensation if the organizer or his assistants are at fault and no equivalent substitute service could be provided on the spot.
The organizer is liable, under reservation of the regulation for package tours, in any case only up to the amount of the paid activity price and only for the direct damage.
In the case of package tours, the liability of the organizer for material and financial damage resulting from the non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the contract is limited to a maximum of twice the price of the trip, unless the damage was caused intentionally or by gross negligence. Lower liability limits in international agreements remain reserved.
The organizer declines any liability for damages and disadvantages of any kind, which can be traced back to no or slight fault of the organizer or the auxiliary persons.
The organizer shall be liable for the actions of the guide/activity leader only if he/she acts culpably in the performance of his/her activity leader duties. The organizer takes over the mediation of products and services of other activity organizers for his customers. From this intermediary activity, with the reservation of the regulation for package tours, no liability for contract fulfillment, accidents, delays, losses or other irregularities can be assumed. Also excluded from liability are damages caused by force majeure, warlike events, strikes, epidemics, natural disasters and official orders. If the organizer legitimately delegates the execution to a third party, the organizer is not liable for his actions and omissions.

If the instructions given by the organizer or his assistants are not followed, any liability on the part of the organizer does not apply.


Services included in the price

The services included in the price may vary depending on the offer. These are listed on the web.


Additional costs

The services not included in the price may vary depending on the offer. These are usually listed in the detailed information on the web and in your registration documents.


Additional mountain guide

As a rule, the tours can be carried out with the indicated number of participants per mountain guide. In case of critical conditions (e.g. strong outpouring) it can happen that a mountain guide/mountain guide in training is called in as an additional rope team leader for safety reasons. In this case, additional costs must be expected.




Exped Tribe puts particular importance in offering a good group experience. This requires tolerance, adaptability and understanding of the different capabilities within a difficulty level from each participant. Exped Tribe reserves the right to exclude participants who don't fit the group from the course or tour without any right to a refund.


Tour and course management

The offers of Exped Tribe in Switzerland are led by mountain guides with a professional certificate. Simple high altitude tours and glacier trekking are occasionally led by mountain guides in training alone. The climbing offers are led in accordance with the Swiss laws. The hiking offers are led in accordance with the Swiss laws. This is in accordance with the current guidelines of the Swiss Mountain Guide Association SBV as well as the Swiss law on risk sports. 

The offers outside of Switzerland are performed with guides in accordance with the requirements of the country of destination.


Double groups for individual tours

In case of high demand and good conditions, Exped Tribe reserves the right to form a second group or rope team, which will be led by a second mountain guide or mountain guide in training.


Minimum number of participants

A tour can also be carried out with fewer participants than planned by Exped Tribe. The necessary condition for this is that the registered persons agrees with an extra charge.


Program changes

In principle, every tour and course will take place with enough participants. However, Exped Tribe is dependent on local conditions. The risk for weather or unfavorable tour conditions is carried by the participant. The participant must be prepared to make extensive changes to the program, area, arrival and accommodation. Any additional costs will be charged to the participant. If a tour is cancelled due to adverse conditions, a rebooking, credit note or refund will be issued. We will always try to find an alternative location to offer the service as a first option, then  we will offer an alternative activity as a second option and a rebooking as a third option. Credit note or refunds are held as last option.

2 Day tours: It is obligatory to inform yourself 1 day before if the tour is confirmed (from 11 a.m.) through the email we will send you. Alternatively you should contact us directly. We will share all the final details, plan changes or confirm the event through this email

3 - 8 day tours: It is obligatory to inform yourself 2 days before the start of the tour (from 5 p.m.) through the email we will send you. Alternatively you should contact us directly. We will share all the final details, plan changes or confirm the event through this email



Upon receipt of our E-Mail confirmation (and not the confirmation that we received your  participation request!) a deposit of 30% of the full price is due within 14 days. The balance is due 30 days before the start of the tour. In the case of short-term bookings less than 30 days before the start of the tour, the total price must be paid immediately. If the payment is not received on time, Exped Tribe can cancel the contract and demand the cancellation fees according to the section "Cancellation by the participant".


Withdrawal by the participant

In case of cancellation, the participant will incur the following costs:

Cancellation 30-20 days before the start of the tour: 50% of the tour price

Cancellation 19-10 days before the start of the tour: 75% of the tour price

Cancellation 9-0 days before the start of the tour: 100% of the tour price.

In any case an administrative fee of CHF 60.- will be charged. In case of cancellation or early termination of the tour or course by the participant, there is no right to a refund.

Private tours: In case of cancellation of individually organized private tours, 100% of the tour price is always due.

Abroad expeditions: In case of cancellation of an expedition abroad, 5% of the travel costs will be charged.


Cancellation by the organizer

Exped Tribe reserves the right to cancel tours and courses due to lack of participants up to 7 days before the start. For weekend tours a period of 5 days applies. If Exped Tribe cancels the course, the whole price will be refunded. Further claims are excluded.


SAC members

All non-members will be charged CHF 10.- per night in SAC huts in advance. We recommend you to join the SAC, info at Private tours will be arranged separately.



The participant is responsible for sufficient insurance coverage. Exped Tribe strongly recommends that you take out cancellation insurance. With only a few % of the tour price you can save yourself a lot of trouble afterwards!


Picture material

During the tour, pictures are taken which may show recognizable individuals. These pictures are taken by guests or mountain guides and made available to tour participants and guests of Exped Tribe via shared folder.

Exped Tribe reserves the right to use the pictures for marketing purposes and for sharing with partner companies.
Customers who do not agree to the use of the resulting pictures for marketing purposes must note this when registering.


Data protection

Exped Tribe Inh. Davide Guzzardi uses customer data for processing registrations and for sending out its own brochures and newsletters. Customer data is also passed on to the respective tour leader and group members to ensure that the tour is carried out. Customers who do not agree to their data being passed on to the participants concerned can unsubscribe from the Newsletter list by sending an email to

Further details can be found under the section "Privacy".


Applicable law and jurisdiction

Swiss law is applicable. The place of jurisdiction is Altdorf/Uri.



The term participant refers equally to male and female participants. The term "Exped Tribe" refers to the mountain and climbing school Exped Tribe Inh. Davide Guzzardi.


 Actual Status, 09.06.2021