skitour & Freeride

Gliding at full speed over a canvas of deep snow, conquering remote peaks with skis on your feet and
experience winter sunrises as close as possible.

Taste the mountains in their winter dress, in all their strength and ruggedness.

Adrenaline, passion, friendship.

We present our winter offer packed with adventures in central Switzerland as enthusiastic winter sports enthusiasts.
From ski tour expeditions to freeride dream runs, we have everything in our assortment that makes the heart of a winter sportsman beat faster. 

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You've been dreaming about that particular alternative activity since ages but the planning

was forbidding or you just wanted to have an experienced buddy supporting you?



We WELCOME adventure proposals, no matter the size or shape Your dreams have!





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Wo: Furka Gebiet, Schweiz

Wann: July 2021

For all those who want to try ski touring or splitboarding in complete safety.

Fantastic views, pure enjoyment!

skitour expedition


A high alpine ski mountaineering tour that requires a lot of fitness, surefootedness and skiing skills!

A two-day tent based expedition tour in high alpine environment,

which will demand a decent amount of stamina.
An adventure in a class of its own for ambitious ski tourers!

cloud rider

The freeride ski tour par excellence!
Couloirs, steep slopes and cliff jumps, all in one!

backcountry magician

Ambitious freestyler or backcountry skier?
We will choose a thrilling line full of cliff jumps, steep couloirs and airtime for you and accompany you in mastering it! 


Ski tours and splitboard tours at selected top locations,
for experienced skiers and energetic mountain sports enthusiasts.

A two-day tent based expedition tour in high alpine environment,

with emphasis on short ascents and incredible descents in the deepest powder snow.

freeride expedition

Urner Haute Route

5 days

The finest multi-day ski tour in Uri!
Alpine terrain and powder snow descents guarantee an incredible experience!