Time for planting.
our forest is growing!


Slowly but steadily it grows on the sunny slopes of Nepal, where the "Eden Project" was launched in 2015 as a reforestation project.
We have set ourselves the goal of planting several trees for each adventure we develop. This should help in compensating our generated CO₂ emissions. 

Mountain sports may have a special appeal for nature-loving people, but the necessary equipment and long travelling hours to the mountains still generate numerous tons of CO₂, which in turn destroy our favorite places.

Thanks to the partnership with the Belgian non-profit organization "Tree-Nation", our project is now a reality!

Hardworking employees participate in various projects around the globe, planting native plant species that have an average lifespan of 20 years. The little helpers soak up many tons of CO₂ every year, and for that we are especially grateful!


Want to learn more about our forest?

Then visit it HERE and write to us,

if you'd like to have a tree too - we'll be happy to plant one for you!


We do our best to provide our activities in nature as responsibly as possible. Find out more about our Footprint Commitment HERE.


Alpine greetings,

Exped Tribe Team