Multi pitch immersion

2 days

Our 2-day multi pitch climbing immersion course,

set in a beautiful alpine scenery! 

To make it even more unique we will be camping out in the wild, stargazing, and having an incredible time together!

Duration: 2 days

Wo: Furka Gebiet, Schweiz

Wann: July 2021

Price: CHF 520.- p.P.

Date: April to November

Free places left

Adventure ID: 13/202205

Country/Region: Switzerland, Uri

Meeting point: Altdorf, 6460


Participants: 3-8 guests


1x half board, group material

Requirements: Climbing difficulty: 5a,

lead climbing: yes

Your adventure guide: 


Mountain Guide with Confederation Certificate

Intended Schedule:


Day 1

At the meeting point we divide the material and hike to the climbing wall, which is meant for holding this course. Once we arrive, off we go! After the theoretical introduction it's time to practice a lot ourselves, under the supervision of an experienced mountain guide. As soon as the fingertips hurt and the energies are slowly exhausted, it's time to set up the base camp. We choose a flat with a panoramic view overlooking the alpine world, and finish the day with a camping dinner. If you want, you can still enjoy the silence of the night and watch falling stars.


Day 2

Today we get down to business again!

We will have a look at more complex topics of multi pitch climbing, as well as we will receive tips and tricks for power-saving movement on the rock. We will also learn the necessary techniques to get out of an emergency situation while alpine climbing. Once again it's a matter of practice, practice, practice in order to apply the learned techniques. At the end of the course everyone will be able to climb multi pitch routes independently and in safety.


We recommend participants to have a climbing level of at least 5a.


We will confirm if the tour is taking place per e-mail latest:

if it's a weekend tour 1 day before it begins (from 11:00)

if it's a multi day tour 2 days before it begins (from 17:00)

After the tour: 

We'll email you direct links to the photo upload/download and our feedback form





  • Hard shell jacket
  • Soft shell or fleece jacket
  • Climbing pants, t-shirt and sweater
  • Warm clothing for the evening



  • Sunglasses
  • Sun and lip cream, sun hat
  • Water bottle
  • Ev. camera
  • Sturdy shoes for the approach
  • Backpack (40-60l)


Technical equipment:

  • Helmet
  • Climbing shoes (tight but comfortable)
  • Climbing harness
  • Climbing set (3 HMS carabiner, belay/rappel device, 1 set of 6 quickdraws, webbing sling 60 cm, belay station sling, prusik sling)
  • Friends and nuts in different sizes, if available
  • Other climbing material, if available


For the overnight stay:

  • Heavy sleeping bag (Comfort temp. -5°)
  • Sleeping pad (Insulated preferably)
  • Cutlery (Fork/Knife/Spoon/Cup/Bowl)
  • Headlamp
  • Toiletries (reduced to the minimum)
  • Other camping material, if available



  • Snacks: These will be eaten between breakfast and dinner, so pack enough for the days of the tour. Dried fruit, chocolate, cheese, wholemeal bread and energy bars suit well. To avoid your backpack from being too heavy, try not to bring too much food with you.
  • Half board: Vegetarian picnic style dinner and breakfast are included on this tour. As a commitment to animal welfare, we do not offer fish/meat. We still try our best to keep the menu as exciting as possible despite logistical difficulties. Please notify us in advance of any special dietary needs.


Rental equipment:

  • Climbing harness, CHF 20.00
  • Helmet, CHF 15.00
  • Climbing set, CHF 30.00
  • Winter sleeping bag, CHF 30.00 (comfort temp. -5°)

  • Insulated sleeping pad, CHF 25.00

Before the tour:

It is mandatory to read the last information about your tour 1 day before the tour starts (from 11am). We will email you at the mentioned time.

Free places left

On request


Any question left?

Not sure if your skills fulfill the requirements above?

I will be happy to help you!


+41 766 10 10 26