It may be cold, uncomfortable and exhausting,
but it is the most fascinating discipline of mountaineering:


Ice climbing, with its elegant yet powerful moves for progressing on frozen, crystal-clear water.
A natural wonder in itself:
Waterfalls that present themselves in their unique form, every pick swing gives pure joy!


Would you like to try ice climbing for the first time in complete safety, or would you rather climb a challenging north face?

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Deep frozen

Wo: Furka Gebiet, Schweiz

Wann: July 2021

Let's go climb the frozen waterfalls of central Switzerland together!

Drytooling Basic course


Ice climbing in a Crevasse? Hell yeah!

Drytooling requires effortless climbing in overhangs, precise standing on the frontal spikes and a lot of energy. Would you like to try it?

Then this is exactly the right adventure for you!


Ice climbing is not extreme enough for you?
How about some ice climbing by moonlight then?
The somewhat wilder experience, "Screaming Barfies" included!

Ice climbing baptism

First time wearing crampons and climbing vertical walls?
This adventure is designed for beginners, as we will teach you the basics of ice climbing in complete safety.

North face

Steep shady walls, bombproof ice!

Climb with us the most incredible north face of the canton Uri!