freeride expedition

A micro expedition tour in the heart of Switzerland,
which combines long descents, overnight stays in expedition tents and fantastic views.


Lonely peaks and valleys, pulka pulling, deep snow descents, 
Base Camp Fondue and much more are waiting for you!


This is the right offer if you want to try the expedition lifestyle, are ready for camping in the snow and want to ski down from remote and untouched slopes!

Duration: 2 days

Wo: Furka Gebiet, Schweiz

Wann: July 2021

Price: CHF 590.- p.P.

Date: December to April

Free places left

Adventure ID: 11/202104

Country/Region: Switzerland, Uri

Meeting point: Andermatt, 6490​​​​​​​


Participants: 3-8 guests

Services: Swiss certified mountain guide, 2x half-board, professional photographic report, group material


Ski touring experience necessary.

Hairpin turns necessary.
Good skiing ability in deep snow.
Generally fit and able to hike at least 6 hours.

Intended Schedule:


Day 1 - 08:00

At the meeting point, we organize our equipment and perform an avalanche transceiver check.

After gluing the skins and preparing the pulka, we start the approach towards the first base camp, from where we will decide, depending on the snowpack and weather situation, which slopes and couloirs to descend in the afternoon and the day after! 

The approach on the first day will take between 2 and 4 hours, depending on the pace of all participants and snow conditions. Up to Base Camp the ascent is quite avalanche safe and steady, and does not involve any major difficulties. 

We set up base camp, have a snack, and decide on an afternoon tour so that all participants are at the same level. Occasionally the afternoon tour may include steep steps that need to be tackled with crampons and ice axe, as well as steep slopes on the descent. 

After experiencing a fantastic descent, we return to the base camp. Nothing stands in the way of a quiet and restful night!

We can watch shooting stars, eat and drink something warm and make ourselves comfortable in the expedition tents, read a bit or chat with our new friends. Comfortably we let the evening come to an end.


Day 2 - 08:00

Today is another day of proper action!

We eat a hearty breakfast, prepare our skis, and start the next ascent with fantastic views! Once again, the summit is agreed with all members, so that everyone is on the same level. The location of our base camp will allow everyone to find the right tour for him, be it something relaxing and gentle, or steep couloirs with scary faces for adrenaline lovers!

After 3 to 6 hours of skinning up we reach our destination. Now it's time once again to skin off, and send it!

As soon as we have reached the base camp again, everything is dismantled, the pulka is fixed again, and off we go to the meeting point in the valley!

The pictures of this incredible micro expedition will be taken by a professional photographer, who will send them to you by e-mail within the next 10 days. So you can prove everyone what extraordinary experience you just have experienced!


We will confirm if the tour is taking place per e-mail latest:

if it's a weekend tour 1 day before it begins (from 11:00)

if it's a multi day tour 2 days before it begins (from 17:00)

After the tour: 

We'll email you direct links to the photo upload/download and our feedback form




  • Hard shell jacket
  • Spare underwear (the warmest you have)
  • Warm ski touring pants, warm base layer & sweater
  • Soft shell or fleece jacket
  • Hat, gloves, balaclava
  • Two pairs of long and warm socks



  • Sunglasses
  • Sun and lip cream
  • Drinking bottle and thermos flask
  • Ev. camera and power bank
  • Backpack (30-50l)


Technical equipment:

  • Helmet
  • Ski with ski touring bindings, climbing skins, ski crampons

  • LVS Set (LVS device, shovel, probe)

  • Avalanche airbag, if available

  • Ice axe and crampons


For the overnight stay:

  • Warm sleeping bag (comfort temperature -10°/-25°)
  • Sleeping mat (insulated preferably)
  • ISO mat
  • Cutlery (fork/knife/spoon/cup/bowl)
  • Headlamp
  • Toiletries (reduced to minimum)
  • Other camping equipment, if available



  • Snacks: These will be eaten between breakfast and dinner, so pack enough for the days of the tour. Dried fruit, chocolate, cheese, wholemeal bread and energy bars suit well. To avoid your backpack from being too heavy, try not to bring too much food with you.
  • Half board: Included on this tour. Out of commitment to animal welfare, we do not offer fish/meat. We do our best to keep the menu as exciting as possible despite logistical obstacles. Please notify us in advance of any special dietary needs.


Covid-19 measures:

  • 100ml disinfectant
  • Protective masks (2 per day)


Rental equipment:

  • Ski tour Set: Ski, bindings, climbing skins, CHF 60.00

  • Avalanche airbag, CHF 50.00

  •  Ice Axe, CHF 20.00

  • Crampons, CHF 20.00

  • Helmet, CHF 15.00​​​​​​​​​​

Before the tour:

It is mandatory to read the last information about your tour 1 day before the tour starts (from 11am). We will email you at the mentioned time.

Free places left

On request

Your adventure guide: 

Exped Tribe 

Swiss certified mountain guide


Any question left?

Not sure if your skills fulfill the requirements above?

I will be happy to help you!


+41 766 10 10 26


Worth knowing:


- The exact ski tour will be defined and notified in advance, depending on the skiing ability of the participants and snow conditions;

- This adventure is more suitable for advanced skiers, as good skiing skills are required as well as endurance for the ascent;

- This adventure differs from the "ski tour expedition" adventure as the focus is not put on ascents and summit climbs, but rather on choosing unique lines and descents.