Organizing expeditions in hardly accessible places often leads to long transfers,

heavy output of Co2 emissions and disturbance of pristine and fragile ecosystems.


Here at Exped Tribe, we heavily rely on nature and it's untouched beauty:

That's why we go one step further

by planting several trees for each organized adventure

to compensate the Co2 we create with our endeavors.


More than that we always offer the most eco-friendly transportation available, buy zero km food for our guests, pack out all waste created and hire local guides where needed to support the local communities economically.


Even though it's only a small step towards sustainable tourism

Let's be pioneers!



Footprint Commitment

Projects, Awards


Our wish to safeguard the environment goes beyond the practices we observe at Exped Tribe.

Some of the projects and awards we received are:

Animal welfare

We are a fully vegetarian company!


We will of course tolerate if you want to bring your own meat and fish along,

as well due to dietary needs.


What we will never do is to offer meat/fish during our Swiss adventures or expeditions abroad. 

We do our best to keep the menu as exciting as possible despite the logistical difficulties involved with our activities.


We love our furry friends and want to protect them as much as possible,

don't you want to do so too?