Rock climbing was and remains the search for the great vertical freedom.

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Rock climbing basic course

Wo: Furka Gebiet, Schweiz

Wann: July 2021

The future of alpinism is CLEAN!

That's the reason why we believe offering a clean climbing workshop, where you'll learn how to safely climb with friends and nuts, is the best thing to do!

The perfect course to learn and practice the basics of outdoor climbing!

Clean Climbing Course

Multi pitch

basic course

You want to go up higher?
In this course you will learn all the basics to independently tackle multi pitch routes!


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You've been dreaming about that particular alternative activity since ages but the planning

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Our 2-day Clean Climbing immersion course,

set in a beautiful alpine scenery!

Clean Climbing Immersion - 2 days

Multi pitch Immersion - 2 days

Climbing long walls is an art that guarantees incredible views.
Learn everything in this tent-based two-day course, to independently tackle complex multi pitch routes.
An adventure of a lifetime, shooting stars included!