Let's GO remote places together!

Our mission is to visit remote and unique places

to achieve wildernesses freedom leaving only footprints behind

We want to see, feel and experience as much as possible

to have our feet soles burn after hours of walking under an arctic sun, to lie down on our pads while stargazing during a concert of crickets and to share breathtaking moments

with friends and like-minded souls

Be part of the most unique and mind-boggling expeditions ever

tailored by a group of avid explorers organizing tent-aided travel 

since 2009


Exped Tribe was born in January 2020 in mountainous central Switzerland. 


The group (formerly Afterbang Squad) is engaging since 2009 in the organization of expeditions

and in the production of media content for international outdoor companies. 

As well, it has offered its service as a group of ambassadors for product testing and launches.

Yet our activities are not only expedition & business-related!

The group originated as a community of like-minded "adrenaline lovers" with the desire

to organize extreme sports events

(such as freestyle skiing, highline, mountaineering, ski touring & many more).

Shape our upcoming story, join our team for unique expeditions!


More about our commitment to nature can be found here:

Footprint commitment

About us